Blake Lively was the first celebrity to showcase their style at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

Arriving at the photocall for her new film, ‘Cafe Society’, the 28-year-old actress posed in a red hot Juan Carlos Obando jumpsuit.

George Pimentel via Getty Images
George Pimentel via Getty Images
Venturelli via Getty Images

Lively also took to Instagram to share some sneak previews of her upcoming Cannes outfits.

Want to see more? Check out every single look from the 69th Cannes Film Festival in our gallery below:

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A six-year-old managed to outsmart her mum with a fiendish plan to trick her into revealing what birthday presents she would be getting.

Emily Cairns was staying with her grandmother Maureen Grundy, 67, while her mum and dad were enjoying an evening out.

“What did you get Emily for her birthday?” she texted her mum from her grandma’s phone.


Mercury Press

Emily’s plan worked, as her mum, Amy Cairns, 36, replied with a list of everything she had bought, including ‘Monster High’ dolls and the LEGO Friends limousine.

Emily then gave away her cover by replying: “Wow”.

 “I thought, ‘Mum wouldn’t say that’, and I was suspicious,” Cairns said.

“At first I did think it was my mum and she was asking what I’d got for Emily’s birthday so we didn’t get the same thing.

“I listed every single thing I’d bought her.

“If it hadn’t been for the ‘wow’ I would’ve been none the wiser.”

Mercury Press

Emily’s grandmother was just as shocked by the sneaky text.

“I thought she was playing games on my phone, I didn’t think anything of it,” she said.

“A while later I got a text from Amy asking me, ‘Did you text me before?’ and I said no.

“So she called me to see who’d sent her the text and we realised it was Emily.”

Emily’s parents, who describe their daughter as being “very clever” and “mischievous”, are now keeping a closer eye on their soon-to-be seven-year-old.

“She’s got me worried now,” Cairns added.

“I’ll definitely have to think next time. I just thought it was more disappointing for her really, because she’d ruined her own surprise, that’s why I was bit cross.

“But we all find it really funny now. It’s quite clever for a six-year-old, really.”

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Katie Price has shocked viewers by revealing she doesn’t agree with mums breastfeeding in public. 

The mum-of-five shared her views on the ‘Loose Women’ panel, during a discussion about whether or not it is a good idea to “bare your bump” online.

The debate came after a mum had warned other women not to post “bump selfies” as they could end up on “preggophilia” sites. 

“It’s like breastfeeding, I don’t agree when people put pictures up of them breastfeeding,” Price said, to which Kerry Katona disagreed.


The other panellists also disagreed, saying it was the “most natural thing ever” to want to feed your child.

“Yeah but I don’t want to see that, like people probably don’t want to see me do my selfies or my boobs or that,” Price added.

“[At a restaurant] if it’s proper out and they’re like that then you can’t help looking. 

“It is a natural thing for babies, it is, but I don’t want to eat my dinner and see a woman with her boob out breastfeeding.”  

Viewers took to Twitter to share their shock at Price’s view.

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A mum has spoken of her horror after a tiny ‘bruise’ on her daughter’s chest turned out to be a life-threatening infection.

Sarah Parkyn’s four-year-old daughter Jazmyn was hospitalised for a month following her diagnosis with meningococcal B, which can lead to meningitis and sepsis.

Jazmyn, from Renmark in Australia, had to have 15 skin grafts to remove the dead tissue the illness left behind.

Her parents, Sarah Parkyn, 32, and Aaron Parkyn, 35, are now campaigning for vaccinations against meningococcal B – the strain of the disease that almost claimed their daughter’s life – to be added to the immunisation list.

Currently the jab is only available privately in Australia – something they say they were never told by doctors.

“When doctors told us Jazmyn had meningococcal B, it was a complete shock,” said Mrs Parkyn.

“She was completely up to date with her immunisations, but we had no idea that this didn’t include being covered against the B strain.”

PA Real Life
Jazmyn is now recovering after having skin grafts

Jazmyn’s pictures are released just months after two-year-old Faye Burdett’s parents campaigned for the same thing following her tragic death.

Despite more than 800,000 signatures to their petition, their call to offer the jab to all children under 11 was rejected in parliament.

In the UK, the Men B vaccine currently offered protects babies against infection by meningococcal group B bacteria, which are responsible for more than 90% of meningococcal infections in young children.

Meningococcal infections can be very serious, causing meningitis and septicaemia (blood poisoning). However it is only babies under nine months who receive the jab on the NHS.

“At the moment in Australia, you have to pay for it privately, which we would have done had we known,” Mrs Parkyn explained.

“All those times we’d been to the doctors to discuss immunisations, and nobody ever mentioned it.

“This disease can cost people their lives or limbs, or cause major scarring. Shouldn’t that be enough of a reason to put it on the national immunisation programme?”

Prior to contracting the illness, her parents said Jazmyn had appeared fit and well.

In August 2015, her mum said she woke late at night with a fever.

As the family had previously been suffering with the flu, Mrs Parkyn initially put her daughter’s symptoms down to that.

But the next morning, the toddler appeared groggy and lethargic.

Then, when her mum tried to pick her up, she began to scream in pain.

“She couldn’t stand anything touching her legs. She just kept screaming,” said Mrs Parkyn.

“I noticed a couple of marks on her legs, but it ljust ooked like a heat rash.”

Concerned, Mrs Parkyn took Jazmyn to her GP.

PA Real Life
Jazmyn had dark spots all over her body
PA Real Life

While assessing her, the doctor noticed a tiny bruise-like spot on her chest, and immediately told them to go to hospital.

There, she was given fluids to try and bring down her 40 degree temperature.

Just hours after she had arrived, she suffered a terrifying seizure.

From there, doctors officially diagnosed her with meningococcal B and she was rushed to Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

In that time, dark spots began to spring up all over her body.

“The morning we got to Adelaide, Jazmyn only had one tiny spot on her chest – but by 10pm that night, they were everywhere,” her mum explained.

“Slowly, the medicine started to work. I remember saying to the nurse, ‘Is she out the woods now?’ But she replied, ‘Not quite’ and told me that, with this disease, things can take a sudden turn for the worst.

“That’s when it hit home how serious things were. It was really scary to hear.”

Eventually, having grown a little stronger, Jazmyn was moved out of intensive care and sent to another ward to recover.

There, she underwent a series of scans and blood tests to assess if there was any major organ damage – which thankfully all came back clear.

In total, she remained in hospital for four weeks.

She also had to undergo a series of skin grafts, during which flesh was taken from her upper thigh to cover the deep welts of dead tissue the meningococcal had left behind.

“I thought the spots on her legs were just bruising, and that they’d go away,” said Mrs Parkyn.

“But they were actually dead tissue. She’s had about 15 skin grafts in total, but she’s a very tough, resilient little girl.”

Now, Jazmyn has recovered.

She regularly returns to hospital in Adelaide where she attends a scar clinic to make sure her legs are healing.

Her parents have recently sent off a petition to Australian parliament urging them to introduce a vaccine against strain b as standard.

They are documenting their progress on a Facebook page called ‘Jazmyn’s meningococcal b journey,’ which is followed by more than 2,000 people.

“People seem very glad to hear our story,” said Mrs Parkyn, who is also mother to Rihanna, nine and Elise, five.

“We get people telling us they thought they were fully vaccinated, but have now realised that strain B isn’t covered.

“The word is getting out there. We just want to make sure nobody else goes through what we have.

“We’ll always be grateful to the GP that first saw Jazmyn. If he hadn’t seen that bruise on her chest and realised what it meant, this could be a very different story.”

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Gender neutral fashion has been making headlines for all the right reasons of late, and Zara is the latest brand to embrace androgynous designs.

The high street staple has just released a new unisex range called ‘Ungendered’ – an 8-piece line of cosy, comfy loungewear and minimalistic basics.

But the collection is already causing some controversy on Twitter. While some users have praised Zara for making a “huge step forward for non-binary acceptance,” others have criticised the clothing on offer.

Check out the collection in full below:

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Festival season is almost upon us in the UK – and with all the celeb style on show at Coachella, it’s safe to say we’re pretty excited.

But with festival fashion comes a conundrum – do you really want to splash your cash on an epic star-worthy wardrobe when it’s just going to get covered in mud and/or potential cups of flying urine?

Probably not, but luckily that’s where Primark comes in. The British high street fave are on hand as always to offer the latest trends on a shoestring budget.


Perma-chic black seems to be the colour of choice for Primark this season and there’s a whole array of mix-and-match basics in the shade to choose from.

Sexy sheer fabrics play a starring role – think lace, mesh and crochet styles – as does boho fringing on faux-suede waistcoats, bags and handy coin purse belts.

The classic band tee also makes a main-stage appearance and summer shorts have been given an on-trend makeover, with printed and lace-trimmed styles on sale right now.

Check out our top festival picks from Primark’s range below:

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A series of UK shopping centres have covered up changing room mirrors in a bid to make customers “less body conscious”.

Oh, and to boost their sales – because according to new research, released by retail property giant Hammerson, 71% of British women don’t feel confident buying an outfit after trying it on and looking in the changing room mirror.

That’s probably just the terrible lighting.


The trial launched on Wednesday 29 June at Birmingham Bullring, Bristol Cabot Circus and Croydon Centrale, which are owned by Hammerson.

The company said it wants women to buy an outfit “based on whether or not it makes them feel fabulous” as opposed to how it looks in “unflattering” changing room mirrors.

So, we can all agree, the lighting in changing rooms is super unflattering.


Hammerson states its decision was based on more results from the same study, which showed women look to their friends, mothers or shop assistants to offer advice about purchases.

Apparently 22% of women trusted other people’s opinions over what they saw in a shop mirror.

Just invest in some non-terrible lighting and decent mirrors. *Sigh*

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A mum-of-three was horrified to discover a lump on her daughter’s cheek, which she’d believed to be an insect bite, was a tumour wrapped around her cheekbone.

Tracey Payton, from Stockport, spotted the lump on eight-year-old Emma’s face during a family holiday to Egypt and had it checked as soon as they got home.

Her GP initially believed Emma, now 10, had a blocked saliva gland, but an MRI scan eventually revealed she had a rare soft tissue cancer.

“When we found out it was cancer my legs were like jelly,” Payton said.

“Emma was outside the room with the play worker when the consultant told us. I thought, ‘No, it can’t be. This is our child.’ My heart broke into a million pieces.” 

Caters News Agency
Tracey Payton and her daughter Emma.

Payton, a teaching assistant, said she noticed the lump on her daughter’s face on the first day of their holiday.

“I was putting sun cream on her face and found a lump on her right cheekbone near her ear,” she said.

“We didn’t think anything of it. She said she had had it for ages and it didn’t hurt, so we weren’t overly concerned. It was just like an insect bite.

“You couldn’t really see it, but it was rock hard, like a pebble, the way that swollen insect bits can sometimes be. It was about the size of a marble.

“I just thought she’d been bitten in the night.”

After returning from holiday, Payton said they went to their GP, who sent them to the dentist.

“Then [Emma] had an ultrasound at the facial unit at Wythenshawe Hospital, followed by an MRI scan and finally a fine needle biopsy,” the mum continued.

“It was so rare that it took a while to work out what was wrong with her.

“When she was diagnosed, the tumour was 3cm. It was wrapped around her cheekbone, but we had caught it quickly so it hadn’t spread anywhere else yet.

“When I broke the news to Emma, she was petrified. I didn’t want her to be scared of the word cancer. She is a big Harry Potter fan, so I told her cancer was just a word people are scared of, like Voldemort.”

Caters News Agency
Emma Payton on holiday in Egypt when the lump was first discovered.

Emma had a nine-hour operation to remove the tumour and part of her cheekbone was removed.

She had a bone and muscle graft from her neck to reconstruct her cheek, before undergoing months of chemotherapy.

Along with her mum, dad Phil, sister Holly and twin brother Ben, Emma then flew to Oklahoma for eight weeks, where she had 23 sessions of proton beam therapy and two chemotherapy cycles.

Caters News Agency
Emma shortly after surgery.

Payton added: “Emma had her operation in January 2014. It left a big scar down the side of her face and she has a dent in her cheek where they removed some muscle mass.

“During chemotherapy, she would sometimes go grey and have no energy. She had to give up swimming lessons and dancing, but she desperately wanted to carry on at school. She managed 54% attendance that year.

“For the first year after her chemotherapy, she had an MRI scan and chest X-ray every three months. She still has them once every four months now.

“We went to Florida last year with the charity When You Wish Upon a Star. It was like a light at the end of the tunnel. Emma’s illness had affected the whole family. Don’t get me wrong, I would sit in the shower and sob, but she never knew that. We never let her see that side of us.

“Emma gets embarrassed about it now, if people tell her she is amazing or brave. She sees herself as a normal kid who happened to get cancer. She always just got on with it.

“She’s just completed her Year 6 SATs and is doing well. She knows children who have died of cancer, so she knows her own situation could have been very different.”

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Tom Fletcher has given his fans a rare glimpse of his youngest son Buddy and we can confirm he’s the spitting image of his older brother.

The 30-year-old dad posted a snap on Instagram while he and three-month-old Buddy waited for their muffins to bake.

With Buddy sat on Fletcher’s lap staring into the oven, the resemblance to his two-year-old brother Buzz is obvious – and adorable. 

Just to compare, here’s Buzz when he was a baby nearly two years ago. 

Not long after Fletcher posted the father-son snap, his wife Giovanna Fletcher gave us a peek into the result of their patient waiting.

Daddy and Buddy baking session, mummy and Buzz eating session,” she wrote. “Banana muffins – delicious.”

The celebrity couple, who welcomed their second son in February 2016, often post photos of their younger son, but rarely show his face.

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A pair of cousins have shown they will always be there to celebrate one another’s achievements by recreating a graduation photo they took 10 years ago.

The male cousin, known only as Reddit user DirtyDrummer, posted the side by side images online on Sunday.

“Left is me graduating holding my little cousin 10 years ago. On the right we swapped positions and recreated the photo for her graduation yesterday,” he explained in the comments.

Bravo to both of them 👏👏

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